The waves are crashing in and all around her
She bites her lip, relishes the sensation
And soon, all too quickly, it’s already fading from her grasp
Her hand reaches out as if looking for a lost lover
Caressing a ghost, a shell, a dying breath before she thinks about it too hard

Here in the bathroom, where I see three of myself, I see myself bent over my knees
Clutching onto consciousness, but still deeply in love with life
Pleased with the moment, I carry on

In the dark art basement, already abandoned
We all see circles within circles
Heaving, wheezing, bent unto ourselves
Contemplative within ourselves and doubting that anyone else can understand
How can anyone feel this gaping hole, so real underneath this shirt
So bloody and so gritty already, but invisible to the touch and to the feel

I am here and I am not
I am moving, flowing into and around myself, the waves are inside me already
Pulsating with the fruit of energy
Alive, and ticking with fury
And my vision is closing in on myself, buried already within
Seizing into myself, biting into myself
This vicious merry-go-round feels like too long a ride


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